The Good & The Bad ft. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion

The Good

As someone who has been using topical acne medication on a daily basis, my skin dries out quite terribly. The dryness is concentrated in and around the areas where I apply the gel (cheeks and chins area). Prior to using Cetaphil, it was really an uphill battle trying to find the right type of moisturizer that helps hydrate my skin when using acne medications.

I first learnt about Cetaphil when several Beauty bloggers raved about this product. I had to jump in, try it for myself to really understand what the big fuss was all about. Well, after initially trying it out, I can say that this product was worthy for all the big fuss it generated among skincare enthusiasts.

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion
Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion

I have been using this product for over a year and my skin has been loved it since day 1. During winter months is when I could really tell how this product works on those cold wintery days. A word of warning though, I would not recommend this product if you have an oily skin type. Due to this reason, I only use this product in the evening after I apply my acne medication before I go to bed. The next morning, I’m always woken up to soft and hydrated skin which is always wonderful!

If your skin type is dry, then this is the moisturizer for you. Your skin will surely love it. It is also a wonderful base product to be applied before applying foundation. A few things to note:

  • Very little of the product goes a long way
  • It is fragrance free and non-comedogenic (oil-free)
  • One 230ml bottle of Cetaphil lasts at least 6 months.

You can buy this product from Boots for the price of £8.99.

The Bad

All you Cetaphil lovers, you are not going to like what you are about to read. You might have heard about this or might not, but it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share this with you even after knowing about it.

In the past few weeks, I have read blog posts that explain how Cetaphil is not the simple and innocent moisturizer it claims to be. The blogs explain that Cetaphil uses toxic ingredients which are harmful to the skin. Surprised? Shocked? This was how I genuinely felt after I read about it. As someone who has been using it for a long time, it really made me think. Click here to read more about this. I have to say, my once positive opinion about this product has been swayed after knowing the unpleasant truth about Cetaphil.

Have you used Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know by commenting below!

Purchase of the Month [FEB] – Office Nautical Knee Boot

Ever since starting my internship at this big corporate company, on an everyday basis, there was always this one day I looked forward to the most. Apart from the obvious being a Friday, there was another day I looked forward to the most. This day is none other than Pay Day! Since I was handsomely getting paid each month, I took an adult decision of what I should do with all this money in my bank. I decided that I set aside a specific amount of money into my savings account and a little amount of money to spend on it whatever I wished (within limits, of course!).

January’s pay day meant that this month I could possibly get a pair of knee boots, for a decent price. A few days after my pay day, it was a joyful coincidence when an email from Office read, ‘30% off selected Boots!’ and the timing of this couldn’t be more perfect. My search began immediately and I came across this beaut of a boot which had the following characteristics:

  • Leather
  • No heel
  • Knee high
  • Sale price of £68.60, reduced from a huge £98!

I was in love. 

Purchase of the month – Office Knee Boot
Purchase of the month – Office Knee High Boots

There was no looking back, several buttons were clicked and the order was placed for Office Nautical Knee Boot. Ordering online, I’m always a little apprehensive till I physically see and try on the item I purchased. A few days later, my boots arrived and on this occasion, I realised that all my worrying was a waste of time. These boots fit me like a glove and the gold zip details gives a sophisticated look for these simple knee high boots. Of course, the quality of these boots is top-notch too! I could definitely see these boots lasting for a very long time (with lots TLC!).

Purchase of the month – Office Knee Boot
Purchase of the month – Office Knee High Boots
Purchase of the month – Office Knee High Boots
Purchase of the month – Office Knee Boot

These boots have been a real hero in saving me from having numb toes on those cold and frosty mornings we have recently been experiencing here in the UK. They are extremely comfy to walk or run (for my bus or train!) and also, it gives that extra oomph to an outfit to be extra special. I have been pairing these equestrian-ish type boots with skirts but, I think they look their best when paired with black leggings and a big cosy knit jumper. For working ladies out there, I pair these with my skinny formal trousers and a chiffon blouse or a smart shirt with a jumper.

How would you pair these boots? Do you love it as much as I do too?  

Since starting this series, I have really enjoyed writing them so far without fail on a monthly basis. I would love to get your feedback on whether you like reading them too! Please drop me a comment and let me know.

Thank you for all your continued love and support!

Taming my mane ft. John Frieda Frizz – Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum

Rebellious. That’s one of the ways I describe the personality of my hair. Some days, my hair just does not want to listen to the way I would want to style my hair. Combining the rebellious nature of my hair along with my wavy and frizzy hair type, most days, it is hair war (usually in the mornings when rushing around to go to work!).

However, a product that has revolutionised the behaviour of my hair is John Frieda Frizz – Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum. This serum was first introduced to me by my hairdresser and since then I have repurchased this countless times as it has been working brilliantly on my hair.

John Frieda Frizz - Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum
John Frieda Frizz – Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum
  •  How do I apply it?

I concentrate on applying the serum evenly to the ends and the length of my hair (freshly washed and dried hair). Don’t even think about going anywhere near your roots! Having done that mistake before, my hair was a greasy mess a day later. You really do not want that! Using the serum after a heat protectant is applied is a lot more effective. This is because as the hair is a little bit damp from the heat protectant, the serum is absorbed a lot better which helps reduce the frizz significantly when any heat tool is used.

  •  How much do I need?

When I previously had longer locks of hair, two pumps about the size of a pea was more than enough to keep my hair frizz free. Now, since having shorter hair, one pea size amount of serum is plenty. This actually means that even though it is only 50ml in the bottle, it actually takes a few months till I purchase my next bottle!

This serum also does something else to your hair. It adds a healthy shine which is very helpful if you have damaged hair but want to give the illusion of having lush hair. Of course, this is not a permanent remedy; giving that extra TLC to your damaged hair could turn around your damaged hair in just 4 weeks!  Another huge advantage of this product is that this serum also acts as a defence against heat tools!

The price of this serum is very decent too, coming in at £6.29 at Superdrug (currently on sale for £4.19) and £6.29 at Boots. There are more expensive and possibly great  serums out there like Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s invisible oil heat/UV protective primer and Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum, but if you are on a monthly budget (like myself!), I would definitely recommend trying this product out.

I would love to hear your thoughts and any recommendations on what kind of products that you use to avoid hair war!