Purchase of the Month [FEB] – Office Nautical Knee Boot

Ever since starting my internship at this big corporate company, on an everyday basis, there was always this one day I looked forward to the most. Apart from the obvious being a Friday, there was another day I looked forward to the most. This day is none other than Pay Day! Since I was handsomely getting paid each month, I took an adult decision of what I should do with all this money in my bank. I decided that I set aside a specific amount of money into my savings account and a little amount of money to spend on it whatever I wished (within limits, of course!).

January’s pay day meant that this month I could possibly get a pair of knee boots, for a decent price. A few days after my pay day, it was a joyful coincidence when an email from Office read, ‘30% off selected Boots!’ and the timing of this couldn’t be more perfect. My search began immediately and I came across this beaut of a boot which had the following characteristics:

  • Leather
  • No heel
  • Knee high
  • Sale price of £68.60, reduced from a huge £98!

I was in love. 

Purchase of the month – Office Knee Boot
Purchase of the month – Office Knee High Boots

There was no looking back, several buttons were clicked and the order was placed for Office Nautical Knee Boot. Ordering online, I’m always a little apprehensive till I physically see and try on the item I purchased. A few days later, my boots arrived and on this occasion, I realised that all my worrying was a waste of time. These boots fit me like a glove and the gold zip details gives a sophisticated look for these simple knee high boots. Of course, the quality of these boots is top-notch too! I could definitely see these boots lasting for a very long time (with lots TLC!).

Purchase of the month – Office Knee Boot
Purchase of the month – Office Knee High Boots
Purchase of the month – Office Knee High Boots
Purchase of the month – Office Knee Boot

These boots have been a real hero in saving me from having numb toes on those cold and frosty mornings we have recently been experiencing here in the UK. They are extremely comfy to walk or run (for my bus or train!) and also, it gives that extra oomph to an outfit to be extra special. I have been pairing these equestrian-ish type boots with skirts but, I think they look their best when paired with black leggings and a big cosy knit jumper. For working ladies out there, I pair these with my skinny formal trousers and a chiffon blouse or a smart shirt with a jumper.

How would you pair these boots? Do you love it as much as I do too?  

Since starting this series, I have really enjoyed writing them so far without fail on a monthly basis. I would love to get your feedback on whether you like reading them too! Please drop me a comment and let me know.

Thank you for all your continued love and support!


Purchase of the Month [JAN] – ASOS Bellfield Winter Coat

January 2015 is coming to an end and that’s means I get to share with you with my Purchase of the Month! How exciting! Before getting into that, don’t you think that this month has flown by super quick? Bring on February!  Any of you guys celebrating your birthday next month?

Anyway, I went a little off-topic there for a bit! Apologies! Let’s get back to what this blog post is all about! You read the title right? My Purchase of the Month is a Bellfield winter coat from ASOS. Every winter I am always on the hunt for the perfect coat that I could wear on a day to day basis which would protect me from the unpredictable, and moody weather conditions here in the UK.

The search for this year’s perfect winter coat started in October last year. Now you might think this is strange, but I have a few requirements that I need my ideal everyday winter coat to have. This makes the search a lot harder. They are:

  1. Hood is a must for the coat.
  2. The faux fur accessory attached to the hood must not be detachable.
  3. Reasonable pockets are needed.
  4. Must be able to keep me warm and protect me from rain, sleet or snow!

The length of the coat must be long enough to cover my bottom. (Writing ‘bottom’ there reminded me of the minion joke from the movie Despicable Me 2 and I giggled! Let me remind you what that joke is: Click Me!)

Do you think these requirements are bit over the top? Let me know…

Let me tell you, finding a coat that ticks all those boxes is really hard. My search began in the shops where I could physically try the coats on, when I didn’t find the one in the shops, I turned to on-line shopping. After countless on and off hours of scouring the internet shops, I found the one. Not only this coat ticks all the boxes written above, the price that I got this coat for, could possibly blow your mind.

£39 from a huge £65! 

The bargain made the coat even more irresistible and I went for it! I have to say shopping online can be a super hit or the biggest flop, so I was apprehensive till I actually got it in my hand and tried it on. It is safe to say now, that I do indeed love it! A few weeks back, UK experienced and still experiencing a cold snap where the temperatures dropped below the sub-zeros. Happy to report that my winter coat kept me warm and snuggled up and I’m very glad it did!

Purchase of the Month: Bellfield Winter Coat

 Outfit Details
| coat: ASOS |
| jeans: New Look |
| jumper: Primark |
| boots: Clarks |

Purchase of the Month: Bellfield Winter Coat

All credits to my beautiful mum for being the photographer (it was her first time!). Thank You Mum! Don’t you think she did a good job?!

Purchase of the Month: Bellfield Winter Coat
Purchase of the Month: Bellfield Winter Coat

This coat is still on sale in ASOS, so if you are still looking for that winter coat, I’d say go grab it now!

Do let me know your thoughts on this winter coat!

Is this coat a super hit or the biggest flop for you?