Love: Ankle Boots [Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition]

There is a word that gets me every time when it comes to shopping. There is nothing extraordinary about this word, it a 5 letter word which makes my feet very happy. I have a feeling you might have already guessed what the word is by now (or not, the title of the blog post gives most of it away!).


Simple as that.  I mean there isn’t any other 5 letter word that would make feet happy, right? 😉

As soon as I heard that Deichmann was collaborating with the fashionable blogger Hanneli Mustaparta on a capsule collection for AW15, it’s safe to say I was excited! The collection features 10 chic styles perfect for this autumn season. This collection has something for everyone, whether you are still in school or if you are out working full time, this collection has got your back. The Slip on Casual Skate Shoes is perfect for those casual days and the sparkly Court Shoes is the ideal accessory to vamp up any outfit for the upcoming party season.

Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition
Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition

[Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition]
Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition
I have a special love towards ankle boots and these boots give me no reason not to love them. Just look at them! Let me first start off by acknowledging how much my feet are thankful for these boots. Why, you wonder? Well, heels and I don’t see eye to eye. They mostly go out of their way to try and hurt me (not intentionally, of course!) whenever I give them a chance. I’m still learning and training myself to walk in heels. I’ll be honest; I was a little nervous about the heel height which was 6.3cm but, once I wore them and walked around with them, I had nothing to be nervous about. If you love heels and ankle boots, you are in for a treat with a very affordable price tag of £24.99.

Ankle Boots [Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition]
Ankle Boots [Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition]
Ankle Boots [Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition]
Ankle Boots [Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition]
Here is an outfit featuring these cute booties. How would you rate it out of 10?

Outfit Details ft. Ankle Boots
Outfit Details ft. Ankle Boots

You can shop the entire collection here!


A special thank you to Deichmann for kindly sending me these adorable ankle boots!

11 thoughts on “Love: Ankle Boots [Deichmann ft. Hanneli Mustaparta Edition]

  1. The Skinny Memorandum September 17, 2015 / 11:01 pm

    Love how you can always pair ankle boots with pretty much anything. In love with the dress. Perfect for fall this season, and the colours are so vibrant!


  2. sonamnaiducreative September 18, 2015 / 1:48 am

    I can completely relate to and understand your love for shoes; as I’m sure many other women can also. I mean what more can make a girls soul smile then a new fabulous pair of SHOES. If I could live in booties 365 days of the year; I totally would as they are comfy, chic and oh so versatile. I especially love pairing them with cute, quirky dresses – similar to your outfit pairing from above.

    These specific booties are SUPER cute and will be a great addition to your fall/winter wardrobe for this year.



  3. lauren September 19, 2015 / 3:45 pm

    I absolutely LOVE ankle boots. Too bad I can’t really wear them anymore because I’m always on m feet. To me, ankle boots are an excuse to wear boots year-round.


  4. lenkadot September 27, 2015 / 1:29 pm

    The boots are awesome!! So chic. And paired with the dress, amazing!


  5. thecraftymuslimah September 29, 2015 / 12:24 pm

    Hey! thanks for liking my post about the Body Shop Haul!
    Love the boots!!!


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