Taming my mane ft. John Frieda Frizz – Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum

Rebellious. That’s one of the ways I describe the personality of my hair. Some days, my hair just does not want to listen to the way I would want to style my hair. Combining the rebellious nature of my hair along with my wavy and frizzy hair type, most days, it is hair war (usually in the mornings when rushing around to go to work!).

However, a product that has revolutionised the behaviour of my hair is John Frieda Frizz – Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum. This serum was first introduced to me by my hairdresser and since then I have repurchased this countless times as it has been working brilliantly on my hair.

John Frieda Frizz - Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum
John Frieda Frizz – Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum
  •  How do I apply it?

I concentrate on applying the serum evenly to the ends and the length of my hair (freshly washed and dried hair). Don’t even think about going anywhere near your roots! Having done that mistake before, my hair was a greasy mess a day later. You really do not want that! Using the serum after a heat protectant is applied is a lot more effective. This is because as the hair is a little bit damp from the heat protectant, the serum is absorbed a lot better which helps reduce the frizz significantly when any heat tool is used.

  •  How much do I need?

When I previously had longer locks of hair, two pumps about the size of a pea was more than enough to keep my hair frizz free. Now, since having shorter hair, one pea size amount of serum is plenty. This actually means that even though it is only 50ml in the bottle, it actually takes a few months till I purchase my next bottle!

This serum also does something else to your hair. It adds a healthy shine which is very helpful if you have damaged hair but want to give the illusion of having lush hair. Of course, this is not a permanent remedy; giving that extra TLC to your damaged hair could turn around your damaged hair in just 4 weeks!  Another huge advantage of this product is that this serum also acts as a defence against heat tools!

The price of this serum is very decent too, coming in at £6.29 at Superdrug (currently on sale for £4.19) and £6.29 at Boots. There are more expensive and possibly great  serums out there like Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s invisible oil heat/UV protective primer and Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum, but if you are on a monthly budget (like myself!), I would definitely recommend trying this product out.

I would love to hear your thoughts and any recommendations on what kind of products that you use to avoid hair war!


I suffer from LHDD. Do you?

In September 2014, a few days before I could start my first ever corporate job as an intern, I cut my hair. I decided that it was time for a change and made the ultimate decision of chopping my hair short and had it chopped a little above my shoulder (which is pretty short for me, considering my previous length of hair!). For hair inspiration, I took a photo of Jenn Im – a fabulous YouTuber who has an exceptional fashion sense and I told my hairdressers to cut my hair exactly like how it is in the picture and so she did exactly that.

For the first two months, I genuinely loved my short hair. I was pleased with how my new hair looked on me, I had fun styling my hair and also, I felt as though the shorter hair made me look a bit more ‘cooler’! Having had long hair ever since I was 14 years old, I thought I would rather enjoy having shorter hair.

However, my short hair is now 4 months old and, I can tell you that I am most definitely suffering from LHDD – Long Hair Deficiency Disorder (I just made this up!). It was quite hard to admit that I did have LHDD to myself because my mum warned me about this. I know it is only hair and it will grow back but growing back the hair, let’s face it, is a tough job!

Do you suffer from LHDD?


Do you just want to speed up the process of your hair growing back to a decent length?

Well, I want to share with you my top 2 tips that has and is helping my hair grow longer, stronger and thicker 🙂 I’m sure you would have heard these tips many times, but I still hope that talking from my own experience could benefit you in some way.

1) Hair loves oil

You read it right, hair loves oil the same way Jack loved Rose in the movie, Titanic. At the moment, my hair is loving Extra Virgin Olive Oil being gently heated up for a few minutes and being massaged it into the scalp of my hair. I do this twice a week without fail and let the oil soak in for at least 1 hour or a couple of hours (in the weekend of course, when I have nothing better to do!). You are not limited in only using Olive Oil, you could experiment with other oils too! Here are my top reasons why I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

– My hair is of the big, bushy and frizzy kind and using olive oil helps keep my mane tamed and shiny.

– Olive oil is a great moisturiser for our scalp. My hair and scalp does experience vey dry conditions and this definitely helps in locking the moisture in.

– Olive oil is known to make hair grow thicker. My hair is definitely not the thickest, and this is helping each of my hair strand to be thicker and stronger.

PS. I have also used Almond oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil (make sure they are all cold-pressed) too. They are all great and have different benefits! I recommend researching with our good friend Google to choose the right oil for your hair type.

2) Hair hates heat

I am sure you must have heard this a million times. Hair hates curlers, straighteners, hair rollers, hair dryer and anything and everything that emits heat on to the hair. I love a good blow-dry, those perfect curls and I like it straight too and so, I struggle with this one a lot. However, I have made a pact in reducing the heat tools as much as possible. This is how I do it:

– Use a great, reliable heat protection spray. I use TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray.

– Use heat tools strictly twice a week.

– Use the lowest possible heat setting

I would love to hear your thoughts and tips on how you take care of your hair. Thanks for reading!