Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Facial Brush with Lid]

I have been longing to buy the Clarisonic cleansing system for the longest time, but sadly the price tag that comes along with it is too hefty for my liking (ranges from £125 – £155). Due to this reason, I have been on the lookout for a similar gadget that doesn’t come with a heart wrenching price tag. My sad tale continued because, even the products that were similar in size, shape and performance was considerably too expensive for my liking.  So, for a while I gave up this quest to find one until, I stumbled across the Facial Brush from Body Shop. I remember reading great reviews from the world of blogosphere and decided to give it a try. Additionally, Body Shop offered a 40% discount which I couldn’t resist and had to put an order! I justified this purchase because I was able save quite a bit of money from the 40% discount. Ka-ching! 🙂

Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Facial Brush with Lid]
Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Facial Brush with Lid]

Initially I was surprised by how small the brush is, because on the website it looked to be of a decent size. Nevertheless, this did not put me off and I remained positive to give it go. Honestly, I was quite amazed by how effective this little gadget turned out to be. The size on this occasion was not a problem for me. No pun intended! I use it as part of my morning skincare routine along with the Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. It literally scrubs away the entire gunk from the skin and reveals a smoother and fresher skin. The bristles are quite soft and the main benefit of this is that I can control how gentle or hard I would like to scrub my face.

Additionally, the facial brush comes with a handy lid which is perfect as it can be stored away cleanly and safely. It is also very handy to take on holidays and it is fuss free! The full price of this gadget is £4 and it is definitely money well spent! I’m glad I didn’t jump the gun and get myself a Clarisonic or a Foreo LUNA™ mini skincare device. If you are looking for a great exfoliant tool without spending shed loads of money, this Facial Brush from Body Shop is the one.

Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Facial Brush with Lid]
Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Facial Brush with Lid]

Have you used the Facial Brush before? What are your thoughts? Do you use any other budget gadgets to get your skin exfoliated? Let me know in the comments below!

Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Tea Tree Facial Wash]

If you have been reading any of my beauty posts, you could probably tell that I’m loyal to the products I use. This is only the case if and only if I love and adore that product. Although the whole Tea Tree range of products are wonderful, this is the one I keep repurchasing over and over and… you know the idea? 🙂


The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Facial Wash is certainly one of those products that I’m loyal to. This is one pretty amazing facial wash and you would love it instantly because of its simplicity and effectiveness you would experience right after your first attempt at using it. I stumbled across this product on their website a few years ago when I was in dire need of something that could help my acne prone skin. Reading the rave reviews, I was quick to purchase it and fall in love with this product.


Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Tea Tree Facial Wash]
Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Tea Tree Facial Wash]

Reasons why this product receives praise:

  • Tea Tree oil benefits
  •  Removes makeup/dirt and reveals a squeaky clean, refreshed face
  • It is a gentle yet effective face wash for my acne prone skin.
  • This product lasts for at least 2 months! (My mum and my sister is an avid fan of this face wash too and use it regularly!)
  • The product is remarkably very affordable too.

This product retails at The Body Shop for only £5 (250ml). Amazing right? So, if you are on the lookout to try something new, why not try this face wash?


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I would love to hear your thoughts too!


Product Praise ft. The Body Shop [Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash]

Disco ball. This is the only word I think is the most appropriate to visually describe my skin at the end of a long day. My oily skin type is taking all the blame for that. I was under the pretence that any kind of facial wash that was specifically developed for the oily skin type was all just a gimmick. It was a hard concept for my head to wrap around the idea that using a facial wash helps in dealing with this problem. I knew of and have used great moisturisers/primers that have aided me in fighting this problem, but certainly not facial washes.

This cynical view of mine took a great big U-turn when I started using this product from Body Shop. Initially, I bought this product as it helped me reach a set price so that I will eligible to redeem a voucher. I didn’t have any expectations and really just assumed it is just another facial wash for me to try.

Product Praise ft. The Body Shop
Product Praise ft. The Body Shop

After my first attempt at using this product, I was genuinely shocked to find my face a lot less shiny at the end of a very long day. I was very pleased and surprised that this product actually works for oily skin types. I made sure no Primers were used when testing the facial wash to get reliable and fair result. So imagine, if I did use a facial wash and a great face Primer? The results would be even more impressive.

This facial wash has a very lovely scent and a little of it goes a long way too. For £8.50, it is just great. My perceptions about using facial washes specially designed for oily skin has changed for the better.

Product Praise ft. The Body Shop
Product Praise ft. The Body Shop

Do you have oily skin? What steps do you take to combat this issue? Please do leave your thoughts below!

Love your face, Love your skin

Yes, this would be that beauty post similar to any of the best beauty bloggers’ out there (Essiebutton, Lilypebbles, FleurDeForce etc.) who share their rituals when it comes to taking care of their skin. Now, I would like to attempt that and share with you what I use on my skin (face), not body skin (that would be for another blog post).

First, I think proper introductions are necessary. I personally want to introduce you to my skin. Skin meet reader. Reader meet skin. (Remember, my face skin. Not body skin.) I genuinely think that my skin has a personality of that a person going through a menopause. There, I said it. Sorry Skin, but I know that must have hurt you. I have had problems with my skin right from the age of 18. Acne (the worst kind, because I had it on my body skin too!), oily skin during Summers, extremely dry and flaky skin during winters (the acne medicines I was consuming, were one of the key reasons behind that).

I am very glad to report that my acne problem (on my face skin and my body skin) has reduced tremendously after 6 years of experimenting with homemade remedies, anti-biotics and medicinal face creams/ gels.

If you would like to know what medicines I took, let me know, I am more than happy to take you through what I took and how much of it helped and didn’t help in a whole other blog post 😀

Back to the topic of my skin now, I had to make a few lifestyle choices for my skin’s health to get better, which worked brilliantly for me! I do have to say this might work for you or not. Please don’t get mad if it doesn’t. I’m no expert but, I know you know that I’m not an expert in skin J

  • No more sugar. Now that was a big one for me, who used to love all types of sugary things especially if they come in a bottle – the fizzy kind. Happy to report, that it has been more than 3 years since I have had a sip of Coke, Sprite (my favourite) or Pepsi.
  • 5 a day. Yes, fruits and vegetables are ridiculously great for your skin and health in general once I started to get in the habit of eating them. I do confess, sometimes I only have two a day but hey, that is better than none a day.
  • Green tea. Those two words have been my best friend every morning and evening for the last couple of years. They have a unique taste which might take a while to get used to but, in the end I was doing it for my skin.
  • Almonds. Literal lifesaver for my skin! These nuts have been terribly great for my skin! I am extremely sorry for those of you who cannot consume almonds due to your allergies. You really do have my sympathies. I soak 4 almonds overnight and peel and eat them first thing in the morning.
  • Cue Pharrell’s song Happy. Staying happy and stress free was extremely hard as this was one of the main reasons why my acne flared up in times of exams, being over worked and constantly worrying about little things that really did not matter. This is still under progress, but hey, I don’t worry about that this is still under process, so I think that’s a start 🙂

Moving on, I have now my small, yet powerful army of skin care products which have been such good heroes for my skin till now. It would only be right to mention them to you now…

I am that type of person, who does not like to spend a lot of my hard earned money on extremely expensive face products because, the number one reason would be that I would feel extremely guilty and be that stingy person when using that product. Another reason would be that I would fret (a lot!) if I did or did not use the product enough to show some kind of change with my case and also if it was really worth it to spend all that money. The most expensive face product that I have bought would be – Cetaphil (paying full price £8.99) and I guess I could say The Body shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (always bought it when it’s on offer, its full price retails at £14, hell to the no!).

Morning routine:

  1. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Facial Wash (to wake my skin up!)
  2. Cold pressed Almond oil (a little goes a long way!)
  3. Aveeno Moisturizing Creamy Oil With Colloidal Oatmeal (my skin, drinks this up like a sponge!)

Evening/night routine:

  1. Tea Tree Facial Wash (to get that gunk down the skin after a whole day of being out and about)
  2. St.Ives Apricot Scrub (the best exfoliator in town!)
  3. The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (Twice a week, great product, only ever get this when there is an offer!)
  4. Epiduo (the only acne gel, I’m using on any active or dormant acne. This tends to dry my skin a little.)
  5. Cetaphil (a rich moisturiser that my skin loves after applying Epiduo on my acne)

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I do agree with you that it is long, but I feel like I need to let you know my decision process and reasoning behind my choices. 🙂